Reviews from real pet parents

Petplan provides the most comprehensive pet insurance, so it’s no surprise more families trust us to protect the pets they love.

Deborah L.

I did all the things that I should or shouldn’t do to try to prevent bloat, but I didn’t really know about the symptoms other than the stomach getting bloated. One weekend, I finally read my issue of fetch! magazine that had been on the table for a few days or so. The timing couldn’t have been better. Had I not studied over the symptoms, I probably would have lost my almost 6-year-old German Shepherd. I was about ready for bed when I noticed Rocky was retching. I almost dismissed it as just a tummy ache. I remembered the article that I had read a few hours earlier. My dog was panting and drooling, and he isolated himself in one of the bedrooms (he never does that). This prompted me to check his stomach. I noticed a softball-sized lump on his side. When we arrived to the vet about 40 minutes later, he was so bloated he looked pregnant. So, had it not been for Petplan and for my vet and her staff, we would have lost our sweet friend way too soon!

Deborah B.

If something should ever happen, I know I can take our cats to our vet and not worry about paying for their care. A huge relief, especially on a fixed income. It's so worth it to have that stress off my shoulders. The policies are very affordable, I did lots of research before choosing them. There is not one company out there than can touch Petplan. They are the VERY BEST. I Love You ALL! Thank YOU for your care and concern during stressful health times.

Loreli E.

I am on a fixed income and find it easier to pay a small fee each month that I can include in my budget, rather than a huge payment for a single incident. I am unable to pay a thousand dollars for labs & x-rays, and would have been tempted to deny treatment because of the expense, and Brandi surely would have died! Brandi and I work as volunteer fundraisers for the local Humane Society. Brandi goes with me everywhere for she is a Medical Alert Service Dog. Petplan insurance has given me the confidence to take Brandi anywhere we need to go, knowing that she is protected in the event of an emergency. Pet insurance saves lives!

Sandy F.

The reason I chose Petplan is because they are one of the few plans that cover hereditary conditions, and we got to choose the percentage of coverage that best fit our budget. A little over $40.00 a month is well worth the peace of mind knowing that if something unexpectedly happens, he will be covered. Their customer service is OUTSTANDING. We even received a courtesy call asking how Checkers was doing. WOW... an insurance company that cares! We recommend Petplan to everyone we talk to!

Kelly R.

Back in January, my 8-month-old kitten’s eye all of a sudden became cloudy. Eye issues can be quite serious, so off to the vet we went. I had zero issues with Petplan and a check is in the mail. I always recommend pet insurance and Petplan to everyone I meet. You just don't know what is going to happen. Even to an indoor cat!

Nathan A.

We have two cats insured with Petplan. The older one, Tripoli, was 15 when we got her from the shelter in early 2010 and had had a tough life. It had left her with only one tooth (a lower canine) and three feet. Despite all this Petplan insured her for a very reasonable amount. Strangely, she turned out to be the healthy one. Our other cat, Mr. Fuzzi (born around 2000), was adopted in early 2008 while I was serving in Germany with U.S. Forces there. It was at the German shelter I first heard about pet health insurance, and I insured him with a German insurance company until we moved back to the U.S. A quick look at reviews convinced me Petplan was the best available, so he was insured with Petplan when we returned. I could not have been more correct.

Steven G.

Our cat of 9 years who traveled the world with us was diagnosed with cancer in July. Petplan has made a difficult situation a bit easier as we go through the chemotherapy program. Their service reps are knowledgeable and compassionate. They pay claims very fast. We wish our human health insurance system worked this well!

JoAnne K.

My current Lab Riley has been insured through Petplan since he was 2 months old. In September he will be 7. I can’t say enough about this company. Riley is ruled by his stomach like most Labs and 80% of his claims have stemmed from getting into trouble eating something.

Beth H.

Our dog, Mikey, ate something he shouldn’t have several years ago. This episode cost me $4k and I worried that I wouldn’t be able to provide surgery without going broke if it happened again. I bought Petplan a week later. Here we are, three years later, and Mikey did it again. I downloaded the Petplan app to my phone, sent pictures of the bills from the vet office and received payment with absolutely no hassle two and a half weeks later. Petplan took care of getting the medical records from my veterinarian so quickly and easily that I didn’t even realize it had happened. I was SO RELIEVED when I saw via the app that my claim had been processed and the check was on the way. I was even more excited to receive the check so quickly. My vet was pleasantly surprised. She was not familiar with Petplan but had heard horror stories about other insurance companies. She knows about Petplan now! Buying that policy was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Kate L.

We adopted Fat Tony from our local pound, and before we even took him home we had him on a Petplan policy. Maybe six months after we adopted him, we found out he has diabetes and requires two shots of insulin per day. We spent over a thousand dollars in two days on his testing and hospitalization – our entire budget for the vacation we were leaving on two weeks later! Not only did Petplan reimburse us, but also expedited the payment so we would have it before we left.