Petplan vs. Pumpkin pet insurance

Unlike Petplan, Pumpkin’s new to pet insurance.

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When it comes to experience, Petplan has you covered

Petplan has been working exclusively in the pet industry for 15+ years and currently protects over 250,000 pets.

How do Petplan and Pumpkin stack up?

Policy Details

Age limits

6 weeks and up

8 weeks and up

Enrollment Fee




Comprehensive dental

Customer Service

Dedicated app

Information last updated March 2021.

Pumpkin doesn’t cover every tooth. Petplan does.

Petplan protects all of your pet’s teeth (every adult tooth—not just the canines) from accidents, illnesses, injuries and diseases, with no broad condition exclusions.

Pumpkin’s limited coverage does not cover endodontic or orthodontic dental services such as caps, crowns, crown amputation, fillings, implants or root canals.

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Our app makes it easy to submit claims and get paid fast. Pumpkin doesn’t have an app.

Snap photos of your documents, send them to us and we’ll do the rest.

Pumpkin does not have a dedicated app. You need to submit claims via their online member center.

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Petplan has your back if you're hospitalized

We’re not just here for your pet—should you require hospitalization for 4 days or more, we’ll cover up to $1,000 of your pet’s boarding fees.

Pumpkin doesn’t cover this, so you’ll need to find someone to take care of your pet or pay expensive boarding fees.

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Your plan options are limited with Pumpkin

With Petplan, you have the freedom to customize a price that fits with your budget.

Pumpkin only gives you three deductible choices: $100, $250 and $500.

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Petplan is clearly the better choice for you and your pet

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