Petplan vs. Nationwide pet insurance

Nationwide’s limited pet insurance won’t fully cover your pet.

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Get peace of mind with Petplan, the most comprehensive pet insurance around

Petplan has been working exclusively in the pet industry for 15+ years and protects over 250,000 pets. With that kind of experience, we developed the tools to help you make sure your pet is happy, healthy and living their best life.

How do Petplan and Nationwide stack up?


Sick visit exam fees

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Comprehensive dental

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Alternative & homeopathic therapies

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Information last updated March 2021.

Petplan's simple plan covers what Nationwide does not, including:

Sick visit exam fees–saving you on average $50-$250 per visit. You’ll pay more with Nationwide.

Up to $1,000 in virtual vet visits (video chat, call or text), unlike Nationwide.

Up to $1,000 in behavioral therapy and medicine. Nationwide doesn’t do that.

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Nationwide doesn’t cover every tooth. Petplan does.

Petplan covers every adult tooth against accidents, injuries, illnesses and diseases with no broad condition exclusions.

If you want that same level of protection with Nationwide, you’ll need to pay for their most expensive plan.

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Nationwide makes your pet wait a year before covering their knees

Petplan covers cruciate ligament injuries after 6 months, but waives this waiting period in the first 30 days if a vet examines your pet’s knees.

With Nationwide, your pet has to wait 12 months for this coverage—that’s twice as long.

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Nationwide doesn’t cover hereditary conditions, unlike Petplan

Petplan’s one simple plan covers hereditary conditions for certain breeds.

Many of Nationwide’s plans exclude hereditary conditions by breed.

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With Nationwide, only select plans cover exam fees

Petplan’s one simple plan covers the full sick visit, including exam fees—saving you an extra $50-$250 per visit.

With Nationwide, you need to find the right plan to cover your pet’s exam fees.

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Petplan is clearly the better choice for you and your pet

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